Five Rivers’ Ethos and Values

Our core aims and values are simple and are embedded into our motto: Endeavour. Empower. Excel.

Our vision for Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust is:

A life-affirming and life-changing education in a close-knit community of schools centred around people, where good relations are based on mutual respect, a sense of community and a recognition that the rights and needs of everyone matter. [1]

ENDEAVOUR   – A Centre of Distinction in Teaching and Leadership

In which

  • we value and believe in our staff.  With a Teaching School as part of the Trust, we are able to offer multiple strands of personal development and career progression
  • we are committed to lifelong learning and continual professional development, to succession and sustainability, and the development of leaders of the future
  • we recognise, nurture and encourage talent to evolve through bespoke support for new and experienced teachers, thus ensuring good and outstanding practice in all our teaching teams
  • evidence-based research, collaborative learning, system leadership and intelligent use of data underpin our strategies for success
  • our informed strategies for teaching and learning will be shared widely through research, training, publications, and professional conferences [2]
  • our trustees are involved in school life and provide challenge and support across the trust, ensuring our schools are run effectively to secure continued improvement for our children and the very best outcomes

EMPOWER – A Focus on the Whole Child’


  • every child’s emotional well-being is central to their educational experiences; they feel safe and secure, able to overcome emotional barriers, express their worries and concerns and be listened to
  • children have an awareness and understanding of their culture, community, and , respect and tolerance of others
  • close partnerships with parents, families and carers are vital for children’s  development, learning and achievement


  • our commitment to equality, dignity, and respect, as Rights Respecting Schools adhering to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and to British values, to develop confident, positive, young citizens of the wider world
  • pride in our local communities and celebration of our differences in faith, culture, religion and identity
  • involvement and partnerships with businesses, universities, public services and the local and wider communities to allow us to raise our children’s aspirations and encourage them to be life-long, independent thinkers and learners

EXCEL – Success for All


  • every child receives individual, personalised support to become an autonomous, enthusiastic learner ready to achieve our high aspirations in relation to attitudes to learning, behaviour and attendance
  • our pedagogical approach to learning and teaching enables our children to grow in confidence and independence
  • all our children are challenged and supported to reach their full potential regardless of their background, culture and life experiences
  • we have high aspirations for ourselves and others in order to ensure high aspirations for our children and families

[1] By people, we mean everyone involved in school life in any capacity, especially young children and families/carers.

[2] For example, we are recognised for our exemplary work to support new arrivals and children who are new to English. 

At Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust we are also committed to business development and growth. In order to improve outcomes for more children within the Sheffield City Region we are committed to achieving greater economies of scale in purchasing power, professional knowledge and expertise and system leadership.