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Information Governance

Welcome to the Information Governance online training course.

This online training package is intended to supplement your understanding of information governance in the trust and should be completed after you have read the toolkit in full.

This course takes about 10 minutes to complete and in order to pass the course you are required to sit a short test at the end.

Your name and score will be emailed to FRMAT central team for information. In order to pass you will need to achieve 8/10, following which you will receive a certificate via email.

Tip: Some of the questions are based on more detailed information contained in the toolkit and the answers aren’t necessarily in the online course content.

Now you are ready to begin!

Information Governance Overview

The Information Governance online training course is mandatory for all staff within the MAT. The course covers the following modules which should be completed in full:

It is everybody’s business and responsibility to know how Information Governance affects their role and to put this into practice.

If you have any queries about information governance or feel you may have breached any of the regulations you should immediately notify the Data Controller within your organisation. These are:

Deborah Sanderson (Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy)

Helen Best (Abbeyfield Primary Academy)

Emma Farmer (Five Rivers Multi Academy Trust Central Team)