EU Data Protection

Records are defined as all documents which facilitate the business carried out by the academy or the Trust and which are thereafter retained (for a set period) to provide evidence of its transactions or activities. These records may be created, received or maintained in hard copy or electronically.

The Trust and its academies have a corporate responsibility to maintain records and record keeping systems in accordance with the regulatory environment.

The information we hold as a trust is subject to different retention periods. For example:

  1. Minutes of Senior Management Team meetings are to be kept for a retention period of 3 years after the date of the meeting, following which they should be ‘securely’ disposed of
  2. Child protection information held on separate files should be kept for 25 years after the child’s Date of Birth. These records should then be shredded.
  3. Visitors Books and sign in sheets are to be kept for the current year + 6 years and then ‘securely’ disposed of
  4. Parental consent forms for school trips where there has been no major incident may be securely disposed of on the conclusion of the trip.

All data and information held by academies within the Trust is recorded on the academy’s Information Asset Register.

The MAT has a comprehensive policy on the recommended retention periods for every type of record likely to be held by academies and you are required to make yourself familiar with it.

Disposal of Records

All records containing personal information or sensitive policy information should be made either unreadable or unreconstructable at the point of disposal. This includes:

  • Paper records (shredded using a cross-cutting shredder)
  • CDs / DVDs / Floppy Disks (cut into pieces)
  • Audio / Video tapes and fax rolls (dismantled and shredded)
  • Hard disks (dismantled and sanded)

All other records should be bundled up and disposed of to a waste paper merchant or disposed of in other appropriate ways. Records should never be disposed of with regular waste.

Your responsibilities under FRMAT’s records management, retention and disposal policy are:

  1. Be sure to notify the Principal / Head of School if you are holding information that is not included on the academy’s Information Asset Register
  2. Ensure that the records for which you are responsible are accurate and are maintained, stored and disposed of in accordance with the Trust’s policy